What is Quad Pay?
QuadPay is an installment payment platform that lets you pay for your purchase using a credit or debit card. QuadPay automatically splits the purchase amount into 4 payments, every two weeks. QuadPay empowers every American to buy now and pay over time!
Why would I use Quad Pay?
By using QuadPay you have the opportunity to split your ProLine Medical purchase into four (4) easy installments and pay for your order over time, instead of all-at-once.
What information does Quad Pay ask for?
QuadPay will ask for your name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and a US debit or credit card for sign up. Additionally, QuadPay requires a mobile phone number and text message verification to get started instead of having a traditional username and password.
Is there a limit on how much I can spend with Quad Pay?
Each transaction is assessed before it is approved and QuadPay does not approve every order. QuadPay considers a variety of factors to determine approvals and spend limits. If you are a repeat purchaser and have made all your repayments in time, you’ll likely receive a higher limit than someone who is a new customer. For further information, please visit the QuadPay support site.
How do I sign up for Quad Pay?
It’s easy! Sign up while you checkout on the ProLine Medical website. For the initial sign up, QuadPay will ask for your date of birth, a US mobile number and a US debit or credit card. Once you’ve entered your information, you'll know if you are approved instantly!
Will I be notified about my Quad Pay installments?
QuadPay notifies customers with payment reminders via SMS and email before each payment is due.